Rivers of the Amazon Skies

Rivers of the Amazon Sky: The Epic Tale of Aerial Waterways from the Amazon

Trees play a pivotal role in the formation of rain, and although we have a fundamental understanding of this process, its full magnitude eludes us. These intricate, interconnected living entities serve as the lifeblood of our ecosystem, vital for preserving biodiversity, regenerating soil, and producing oxygen. Suzanne Simard, a researcher at the University of British Columbia in Canada, has even characterized trees as

“Celebrating Indigenous Land Rights: Landmark Victory in Brazil’s Supreme Court”

In a historic and momentous decision, Brazil’s supreme court has upheld Indigenous land rights, delivering a resounding victory for the country’s original inhabitants. This landmark ruling strikes down what activists have dubbed the “time limit trick,” a maneuver backed by agribusiness interests that aimed to prevent Indigenous communities from claiming land they did not physically occupy in 1988.

The court’s resolute stance came as a result of a 9-2 majority vote, marking a clear rejection of

Calling all Original Ancestral Land Guardians

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An Open Invitation to All Original First Nations – Indigenous Ancestral Landowners of Latin America, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and the entire Amazon Basin Region to Join Forces with the Federation of Indigenous Nations. We are convening weekly Zoom panel calls to deliberate on our shared aspirations and calls to action.

I extend a warm welcome to all Original First Nation Ancestral Forest Guardians and Landowning communities to reach out t

Convocatoria a todos los Legítimos Propietarios Ancestrales Indígenas

Evolve to Ecology articles are curated by Carlita Shaw, an environmental writer and author of 18 years experience on the ground in Latin America. Over the years she spearheaded campaigns and projects with NGOs in Latin America with the goal of Amazon rain forest conservation in Ecuador, and environmental education in schools of Guatemala. She dedicated much of her time to projects that safeguard the Amazon rainforest and raise awareness about the challenges. Evolve to Ecology highlights importan

African Elephants in Crisis: A Battle for Survival

African elephants, the iconic giants of the savannas and forests, are facing an unprecedented crisis. These magnificent creatures are not only losing their natural habitats at an alarming rate but are also falling victim to poaching on a devastating scale. Recent data reveals the grim reality of their plight, with the World Elephant Day organization reporting a staggering 62% decline in elephant numbers over the past decade. This article delves into the challenges facing African elephants, the c

Soul Scape-Ayampe Frogs, Indian Elephants

Asian fusion blend with Latin American Amphibians, audio and video edited and produced by
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After a challenging day, lift your spirits and raise your vibrations take a deep breath, relax, go deeper, meditate and heal with Relaxing and Healing Rainforest Frogs and a Visual Nature Soundscape, by Carlita Shaw.
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Learning survival techniques with the Shiwiar tribe

Some special moments from Evolve to Ecology, several biologists Carlita Shaw, Samuel Remerand and his son, filming done by Samuel and Elvin. We were learning how to survive in the jungle with Istak, (Gustavo), a medicine man and bush guide from the Shiwiar tribe. The territory is only accessible by a small apache plane after an hour and a half flight over the Ecuadorian Amazon.

A more detailed half hour video is available here.

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Carlita has written a book called The Silent Ecocide- the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness. Available for purchase here-http://www.amazon.com/dp/1512365718/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

Evolve to Ecology

A half hour version of the film where these highlights were taken from is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn_WWdtbeWk

The Biobank LandTrust Project -Protecting Rainforest Biodiversity

The Biobank is an ecosolution, the concept is a biodiversity land trust for indigenous people to protect the Amazon rainforest against corporate exploits. Our objectives are for the conservation of biodiversity and nature, especially the Amazon rain forest, where over 50 percent of the world’s biodiversity exists in vast areas on untouched Amazon, and we want to keep it that way. However, this can be used as a blueprint to protect any biome from cloud forests, savanahs, coral reefs, mangroves, t

Ecocide in Ecuador

In August 2012, I had the opportunity to go deep into the Amazon Rainforest via a small private plane that flew for an hour and a half over the forest to one of the remotest Shiwiar territories near the Peru-Ecuador border. It was the first time I had been able to travel so far in, the other times I had worked in the Amazon was in areas on the periphery of pure primary untouched Amazon.

On the fourth day of our visit, the tranquility of the forest was interrupted by an uninvited military helico

Ecuador Triumphs after 18 Days of Strikes- People Power

After 18 days of national strikes and protests and civilian lives lost, Ecuador triumphs. The Ecuadorian people didn’t just protest and strike for fuel prices to go down, they stood up to Austerity, IMF, and they protested to protect the rainforest and won for the Amazon rainforest to be protected and for the oil companies to stop expansion of exploiting the Amazon for oil and mining. This is a historic win for Ecuador, in the face of the government’s proposals to double oil drilling in the rain

Regenerative Farming, Encouraging Biodiversity, Soil Regeneration and Carbon Storage

Industrialized agriculture is a major contributor with deforestation, responsible for around 25% of all human-created greenhouse gas emissions.

Regenerative Agriculture is a way of farming that considers and works within the natural ecosystem cycles of nature. It can be used as a way to off set and even reverse the flow of greenhouse gas emissions with a deeper understanding of natural ecology and soil regeneration, regenerative agriculture can develop a large scale sequestering of carbon in th

Grieving the Loss of a Pet Companion

Some people may be surprised to read that losing a pet such as a dog or a cat or even a bird or a hamster, what ever the form of your furry companion, can put someone into a state of severe grief, just as devastating as if not more so than losing a person. This is because of the unique bond you shared with that animal and the unconditional love and joy they showed you, is so much purer than our human relationships, which are more complicated. The unconditional love our animal companions show us,

“Caffe Sospeso”- Do not Suspend Kindness, Suspend a Coffee instead!

Nine years ago I learned the original story of ”Suspended Coffee” , Very Heart warming.

A story Translated to English from Italian originally told by Antonio “Tonino” Guerra (16 March 1920 – 21 March 2012), he was an Italian concentration camp survivor, poet, writer and screenwriter who has collaborated with some of the most prominent film directors of the world.

”We enter a little coffeehouse with a friend of mine and gave our order. While we’re approaching our table, two people came in and t